BPI Requirements and Process: How to Open BPI Savings Account?

How to Open BPI Savings Account? Is that your question? If yes, let us show you the BPI requirements and process. Let's start!Step 1: Prepare and Bring your Requirements. You would need to prepare your requirements beforehand so that you can ensure a smooth enrollment...

How to Pay Meralco Bill using GCash Bills Payment

Are you looking to Pay Meralco Bill using GCash Bills Payment? We are here to guide you… Get your GCash app ready. Let's start!Step 1: Open your GCash App and Enter the MPIN. Have the GCash app installed on your phone and open it. You will need to enter your nominated...

Eastwest Bank Online Account: How to Update your Security Questions

Have you forgotten the answers to your Eastwest bank security questions? You are not alone… we also did. In this step by step guide, we will share with you our own experience in updating the Eastwest bank security questions in their online platform. Let's start!Step...

Eastwest Bank Online Savings Account: How to Reset Password

Have you forgotten your Eastwest Bank Online Account password? Let me show you how it is done.Step 1: Go to the Eastwest Bank Official Website. Here is the Eastwest bank website: eastwestbanker.com Under personal account, click on the Login link.Step 2: Click on...

PLDT Speed Boost for Free: Step by Step Guide

Great news! PLDT has an ongoing offer to boost your speed for free. You can get up to twice the speed of your plan at no additional charge. This offer is available to PLDT Home Fibr plans just by following these steps free of charge.We were initially skeptical but...

How to BPI Send Money to Security Bank using GCash for FREE (2019)

Are you looking for a free option to send money from BPI to Security Bank? We found a way – using GCash!   Let me show you how to do it step by step.Step 1: Open and Login to your GCash mobile app.Take note that you should be a registered and fully verified GCash...

BPI Transfer to 3rd Party using QR Code for FREE (2019)

In this blog post, we will guide you on how to use QR codes on your BPI fund transfer transaction. On the second part, we will show you how to generate BPI QR codes. Let’s begin!BPI Online Transfer to Anyone via QR Code If you are looking to do a BPI Transfer to...

PLDT Pay Online: How to Pay PLDT Bills using Credit Card

It’s the time of the month again and you need to pay your bills… Let me show you a convenient way on paying your bills. Here is a step by step guide on How to Pay PLDT Bills using Credit Card.   For this tutorial, we will use a Citibank credit card. Let’s begin!...

Meralco Online Payment BPI: How to Enroll and Pay in New BPI Online

Both BPI and Meralco has upgraded their online systems in the past months. We needed to update our past post on How to Enroll and Pay Meralco Bill in BPI Express Online since BPI has already completely migrated to their new online platform. In this most recent and...

BDO Transfer Money: How to BDO Send Money to any BDO account

Are you looking to do a BDO send money to any BDO account? Fortunately, this is possible with BDO online and it is free of charge! Let me show you how. Step 1: Login to the BDO Online Banking. First, go to the BDO website: bdo.com.ph On the top right, hover over...

BDO Meralco Payment: How to Pay Meralco Bill via BDO Online Banking

Most financial institutions like banks are now going online and providing services that helps their customers pay merchants at the comforts of their home. BDO Online Banking enables you to pay your Meralco bill through their online facility (BDO Meralco Payment). Let...

PSBank Fund Transfer: How to Send Money to GCash

PSBank and GCash have tied up to enable us to do fund transfer seamlessly on this two finance platforms. Let me show you how to send money to GCash using PSBank Online fund transfer.Step 1: Go to the PSBank website and click on the Login button. Since we only have a...

How to Use PesoNet Philippines for Bank to Bank Transfer

Are you looking to do a bank transfer to other bank? Let PesoNet help you!What is PesoNet? Under the Philippine Government’s National Retail Payment System initiative, PesoNet was formed: PesoNet is an electronic funds transfer service that enables customers of...

PLDT Online Payment: Enroll and Pay using the New BPI Online

PLDT Online Payment is possible as well with the New BPI Online Platform. BPI is committed in upgrading their platform with the release of BPI Online which replaces BPI Expressonline. Here is a step by step guide on how to do PLDT payment through the new BPI Online....

Landbank Online Enrollment Registration (2019)

Do you have a Landbank ATM card savings account and need a Landbank Online Enrollment Registration? Let me guide you step by step on how to do an lbpiaccess online enrollment sign up.1. Go to the Landbank iAccess website. There are two ways on how you can access the...

BDO Internet Banking: BDO Online Transfer to Other Bank

Do you know that you can do BDO money transfer to other bank? Let me show you how to do BDO online transfer to other bank. Step 1: Go to the BDO Internet Banking website. Browse through the BDO website: online.bdo.com.ph Step 2: Login to BDO Online Banking with your...

How to Open Savings Account in Landbank of the Philippines

Are you interested in opening a Landbank Savings Account? Let me guide you on how to open savings account in Landbank of the Philippines. But first, let us learn all the details of a Landbank ATM Savings Account. All about Landbank Savings Account Land Bank of...

How to Pay Security Bank Credit Card Online

Do you want to pay your Security Bank Credit Card online? Let me show you how with this step by step guide. Step 1: Go to the Security Bank website. Step 2: Click on the Security Bank Online Login. Step 3: Enter your Username and Password. Input your credentials and...

How to Pay Globe Bill through Security Bank Online

You can now pay your Globe bill through Security Bank Online bills payment facility. It is easy and convenient. Let me show you how. Step 1: Login to your Globe online account. The first step is to go to the Globe website and login to your online account. Step 2:...

How to Pay Meralco through Security Bank Online

Do you need to pay your Meralco bill but do not have the time to go to bayad centers? Use your Security Bank online and pay your bill anytime, anywhere. Let this step by step guide help you!

How to Enroll Register to Meralco Bill Online (New!)

Meralco has replaced their e-Meralco bills facility with their new Meralco Online Beta. The new Meralco Online website can be accessed through this link: online.meralco.com.ph. Just follow these steps in order to enroll or register to Meralco Bill Online

BPI Online Banking Website and Mobile App Guide (New!)

The OLD BPI Mobile App and BPI Express Online will no longer be usable soon. It means that you need to download the NEW BPI mobile app. If you haven’t seen the interface yet, let me show you what is inside the new website and mobile app.

BPI to GCash: How to Load GCash from BPI

Looking for ways on how to put money in GCash? Let me show you how to utilize the GCash Cash In option from one of your favorite banks – BPI! Download and open your GCash app on your mobile phone and let’s start!

How to Buy Load Online

You can now purchase load at the comforts of your home – just by using your computer or your mobile phone! Check out this blog post as we will show you the step by step guide on buying a load online.

PLDT Online Payment Using Pay Express Online

If you want to skip the line when paying phone bills, PLDT offers an option for you to pay your monthly fees online using Pay Express Online.
In this step by step guide, let me show you how easy it is to pay PLDT bill using Pay Express Online.

How to Pay Globe Bill via Gcash

Globe has provided more efficient ways to pay your Globe postpaid bill other than going to their Globe store. Let me share with you how we pay our Globe postpaid bill via the GCash app. Paying your postpaid bill should be easier.

Coins.ph Beep Card: New Reloading Option

You can now reload and check the remaining balance of your beep card using your Android smartphone through the Coins.ph app. You can top up for a minimum of 10 pesos free of extra charges.

Earn SM Advantage points through PLDT Home Rewards

If you are a PLDT subscriber, you can automatically earn reward points every month by just paying your bills in full and on time. You just have to register your SM rewards card to the PLDT home rewards program.

PLDT MVP Rewards Card: Cash Rebates That Do Not Expire

Just by paying your bills full on time, you’ll earn free reward points through MVP Rewards Card that you can use as cash. The best part of it – it does not expire! Here’s the 7 things you need to know about the MVP Rewards Card.

How to Enroll and Pay Meralco Bill in BPI Express Online

Did you know that BPI Express Online account holders can skip the lines in banks or bayad centers to pay for their Meralco bills? Let me guide you on how to setup and enroll your BPI Expressonline with your Meralco account.

Mercury Drug Suki Card: How to Earn Points

If you are a “suki” of Mercury Drug Stores then you should not miss having a Mercury Drug Suki Card which entitles you for points and rebates. Check our post to know more about Mercury Drug Store and its loyalty card.

Metro Rewards Card Points: How to Earn and Redeem

If you are a frequent shopper at Metro Stores, go ahead and grab their Metro Rewards Cards. A loyalty card that let’s you earn points while shopping and use it to purchase items. We listed here the steps and other helpful information.

How to Register KFC Fun Card Philippines

KFC now joins the rewards card trend by affiliating with Funrewards as the merchant. The KFC Loyalty Card lets you earn 2% cash back for every transaction made. You can use the cash back balance to pay for items.

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