Mybkexperience BK Feedback Survey Philippines: Burger King Free Food

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Still hungry after your Burger King meal?

Burger King is offering free food to customers that answer their Mybkexperience feedback survey.

During our last BK visit, I noticed that there is a feedback survey section in their receipt saying we will get one free fries after completing their survey.

Since we were still at the store and not in a hurry, we answered their online survey.

Burger King receipt. Check the bottom area for the survey section.

MyBKexperience Feedback Survey Philippines

Log on to their online feedback survey website

You will need to have an internet connection either through your phone or laptop as their feedback survey is online.

Once you are on their website, click on continue.

Input the survey entry code found in your receipt

The entry code is located in the survey section of your receipt. Check out the image below. Then, click on start.

Input the Burger King receipt survey entry code.

Answer the survey

Let me warn you that the survey is quite thorough. I don’t mind answering long surveys especially if I feel that they truly want to capture their customer’s overall experience which Burger King really did.

Write down the validation code on the receipt

After answering the online feedback survey, write down the validation code on the receipt.

Burger King feedback survey validation code.

Claim your free food at the cashier

You will then need to present the receipt to the cashier to claim your free food. During the time of our visit, they were giving out free fries.

Have you dine recently to any Burger King branch and answered their feedback survey? What was your BK experience? Share them below!


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