PLDT Online Payment BDO: How to Enroll and Pay PLDT Bills in BDO Online Banking

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Do you want to know how to Enroll and Pay PLDT Bills in BDO Online Banking?

You have come to the right place.

Let us show you how.

Step 1: Login to the BDO Online website.

Go to the BDO website by typing this in your browser:

Hover over Online Banking Login at the top right and click on the BDO Online Banking button.
Login to the BDO Online Banking website using your credentials.
As part of their security, you will be receive an OTP or one time password sent to your registered mobile number with BDO.


There is an alternative way if you are unable to provide the OTP.

You can answer your nominated Challenge Question.

Unfortunately, this option will already be removed by July 2019.

Step 2: Select Enroll from the Enrollment (Company / Biller) menu options.

On the navigation menu on the left side, go to Enrollment.

Then, choose Company / Biller.

Click on the Enroll option.

Step 3: Completely fill up the Enroll Company / Biller registration form.

For the Company / Biller name, choose PLDT from the drop down option.

You will next need your PLDT account number for the Subscriber Name field.

You will be able to locate this on your PLDT bill or you can login to your online account and that PLDT account number will be there (see image below).

Add this account number to the field on the form.

You can also add a preferred nickname for the PLDT account on your BDO online.

There are several channels for enrollment options that you can choose from: online banking, phone banking, automated teller machine and mobile banking.

For this guide, we will choose online banking.

Click on the Submit button to continue.

You will also be prompted to confirm if you are sure to add this record to your BDO account.

Click on the OK button.

We actually encountered an error for the subscriber number stating that it was invalid.

After researching, we found out that it needs to have a leading zero at the subscriber number has to be ten digits.

Take note of this!

After making the changes, we now received the successfully enrolled note.

You have an option here to print or save your enrollment transaction details for future reference.

Step 4: Choose Pay Bills from the Pay Bills and Reload (Bills Payment) menu option.

On the left hand side menu, got to Pay Bills and Reload and choose Bills Payment.

On the new menu options, select Pay Bills.

Step 5: Fill up the Pay Bills online form.

You now need to completely fill up the payment details form.

If you have multiple BDO accounts, choose the source account to fund the PLDT online payment that you will be doing.

In our case, we only have one BDO account.


The next field is for the Company / Biller that you will be paying to.

You should be able to see your newly enrolled PLDT account on the drop down menu option.

Enter the amount that you need to pay.

You can also add remarks here for easier payment tracking if you need to check your transaction in the future.


For the payment schedule, we will be choosing immediately.

Click on the Submit button when done.

Though you have two other options for payment schedule.

The image below shows the Later Date option.

While selecting the Regular Schedule Date option will further show more fields that you need to fill up.
You will then be prompted to confirm if all the payment details are correct.

Here you will have a chance to correct the details if needed just by clicking on the back button.


If everything looks okay, click on the Continue button.

Step 6: You will receive a success notification and reference number on your screen.

If everything went well, you will see a success notification with reference number and the payment details summary on your screen.

You have an option to print or save your payment transaction for future reference.

That was easy!

Share your experience below so that others will be guided as well. 🙂

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