Watsons Philippines Membership Card: How to Avail and the Benefits

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Have you heard of the Watsons card?

The Watsons Membership card is a loyalty program that allows its members to enjoy perks, promos and exclusive benefits at Watsons Philippines stores.

How to Avail Watsons Membership Card

I saw this video from Watsons:

What really got my attention was the lifetime membership of the Watsons card.

It means that it does not expire hence no need to pay for renewal fee!


As it was already November 18 (the last day of the 50% off promo for the lifetime membership), we rushed to the nearest Watsons store and availed of the Watsons Membership card.

It only took us less than 10 minutes.

Although, that does not include the time spent while waiting on the cashier queue.

Here’s what we did in order to avail of the Watsons Card:

Step 1: Go to the cashier and inform them that you want to purchase a Watsons Membership Card.

Look for the nearest Watsons store and proceed straight to their cashier counter.

Step 2: Completely fill out the membership registration form.

The cashier will give you a membership registration form that you need to completely fill out and submit back to them.

You need to provide the following details:

  • Complete name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Mobile Number

You will also need to accept the Terms and Conditions on the form.

Sign it and add the current date on your signature.

Take note that you need to be at least 18 years old before you can avail of the membership card.

Step 3: Pay the amount of 100 pesos.

Since it was on promo, we got ours for only 50 pesos!

I’m not sure if they would do such promo ever again but the price of 100 pesos for a lifetime membership is already a bargain.

Step 4: The cashier will process your form and you will receive your membership card.

 You will immediately get your card as soon as they have properly processed your registration form.

What are the Benefits of the Watsons Card

After availing the card, you will already be able to enjoy all the Watsons card’s benefits.

You will also be able to start accumulating points immediately.

However, you can only redeem your points after your filled out registration form is successfully processed.

For the benefits of the Watsons Card, here are some of them:

Watsons membership is for life.

As I have noted earlier, the Watsons card is for life.

No need to worry about recurring membership fees.

It is non-expiring… or is it?

As I read through their FAQs, customers are encouraged to make at least one transaction per year in order to avoid your membership to be deactivated.

Take note of this.

Have access to exclusive discounts, promos or offers.

On occasions, Watsons conduct promo offers and discounts especially on health and beauty products.

By becoming a member, you will be able to avail it.

Easily Earn Points for every spend.

How to earn points using Watsons Card, you ask?

That would be easy.

Just present your membership card when paying an item at Watsons cashiers and you will earn points for your purchase.

Remember that you can only earn or redeem your points if you have the card with you during the transaction.

They will not honor any point transaction that you want to do if you do not have the card with you.

 For the conversion: every 200 pesos spend, you will earn 1 point.

Take note that regular points that you earn will be reflected after 7 working days in your account.

On the other hand, bonus points that you earned will be added to your account at least 18 working days after.


Another important item in their FAQ, talks about points expiration.

Even though their membership card is lifetime, the points do expire.

The Watsons points expire every two December 31s.

What does that mean?

Example, points earned on January 2018 will expire on December 31, 2019 as it is the second December 31 from the time the points were earned.

Let’s have another example, if you earn points on December 30, 2018, it will still expire on December 31, 2019 as that would be the second December 31 (the first December 31 is on December 31, 2018).

I hope I made it clearer.

Points that you earned can be redeemed at the next purchase at Watsons.

Once the points that you earned have reflected on your account, you can redeem them immediately at your next purchase.

For the redemption conversion: 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso.

Take note that they require you to use a minimum of 20 points when redeeming.

And no, you cannot exchange your points to cash.

Earn 5x Points on your First Transaction during your Birthday Month.

This is a nice birthday treat from them.

Although, we haven’t use this yet.

I’ll update this post once we are able to take advantage of this benefit.

Receive 5000 pesos worth of Reward Vouchers.

I am not sure if this is a default gift or if this is only part of the promo offer they had when we availed the card.

Let me list down the different vouchers that were included:

  • PHP 100 off on P1,000 worth of health and/or beauty products (4 coupons)
  • PHP 100 off on a minimum PHP 1,000 single receipt worth of Salon Services – Going Straight
  • PHP 200 off for a minimum purchase of PHP 2,000 worth of frames and sunglasses – Ideal Vision
  • 10% off on any facial treatment – Bioessence
  • PHP 200 off on Dermcare Diamond Power Peel
  • 40% off on house brand frames and sunglasses exclusively distributed by EO
  • FREE Flawless soap for every PHP 2,500 purchase of Flawless products and/or services
  • PHP 200 off for a minimum spend of PHP 1,500 on regular items – Forever 21
  • 5% off on all regular lab tests – Hi-Precision diagnostics
  • 5% off on CT Scan (Gateway and SM Manila) and Mammography (Fairview, Gateway, II Centro and Trinoma) – The Medical City Clinic
  • 5% off on laboratoty services on all clinics – The Medical City Clinic
  • 5% off on all outpatient services and procedures, excluding doctors’ fees
  • PHP 100 off on PHP 500 worth of health and/or beauty products – watsons.com.ph voucher code: WATSONCARD

Other Information on the Use of the Watsons Card

There are some more information that you need to know about the use of the Watsons card:

The Watsons Card is not transferable.

They do not allow sharing of Watsons card as it can be easily misused.


Your new Watsons Card will be replaced with no extra charge if it is defective.

We are not sure if they will also replace your defective card for free even if you were able to use it before.

The words in their FAQ seem to be carefully written for newly purchased defective cards.

Let us know in the comments below if you had an experience of replacing defective Watsons cards before.


Lost Watsons card need to be reported immediately.

Reporting such incident through their Customer Service hotline (791-5000) is a must if you lost your card as they would be able to deactivate your card and stop any usage of points from it.

Although, you will have to purchase a new card (100 pesos). It will not be free.

You can also retrieve your points from your previous account just by requesting to transfer account details from them when you purchase the new card.


Checking of current point balance is through the Watsons Customer Service hotline.

You will be able to check your current point balance by dialing the Watsons Customer hotline: 791-5000 and press 3.


You can update your member details by contacting the Watsons Customer Service hotline.

Updating your member details can also be done by calling the Watsons Customer hotline: 791-5000 and press 3.

You can also contact that number if you have other questions or concerns.

If the benefits do not change, I should say that you are not at a loss if you avail of the Watsons Membership Card.

Your 100 pesos (or 50 pesos if you got the card at a promo) will surely go a long way.

Happy shopping to wellness!

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