Earn SM Advantage points through PLDT Home Rewards

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Existing PLDT Home subscribers can earn reward points on their SM Advantage Card, SM Prestige Card or BDO Rewards Card by just paying their bills full and on time.

They will just need to link their SMAC or BDO rewards card to their PLDT account.

Here are some questions that you may have about the PLDT Home loyalty and rewards program:

How can I register to the PLDT Home Rewards program?

There are two ways by which you can enroll to the PLDT Home rewards program:

  • Visit the nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center in your location
  • Registering through their website.

Since registering through their website is much more convenient, we used that option.

What are the details needed during registration?

It would be much easier if you have the following information ready:

  • PLDT Customer Name
  • PLDT Account Number
  • Email Address
  • PLDT Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Active Mobile Number
  • SM Card Type (SM Advantage/ SM Prestige / BDO Rewards card)
  • SM Card Holder’s Name
  • SM Card Number
  • SM Card Expiry Date

You will be receiving updates via SMS or email regarding the status of your registration.


What if the cardholder is different from the PLDT subscriber?

This was our case since the SMAC was not mine but the PLDT account was. They asked us to send a Letter of Authorization and a valid ID to [email protected]

How can I earn points?

Successfully subscribed customers are eligible to earn 1 point for every 250 pesos worth of payment on their bill.

Though, the bill needs to be paid in full and on time. You will be receiving an email stating that you have successfully linked your SM rewards card to your PLDT account.

That’s it. Your reward points will now be automatically added to your SM rewards card every bill that is paid on time and in full.

If you need further information, you can check out their FAQ here.

Let me know by adding a comment below if you have successfully registered your SM rewards card or if you have any questions.



It looks like PLDT have deleted references to their SMAC PLDT Home Rewards program in their website especially to its registration form and FAQs.

I tried to send an inquiry with PLDT about it but up until now, I haven’t receive any response about it.

I will update this post once I receive a response from them.

I think they are replacing the Home Rewards program with the MVP Rewards Card.

You can check this post for further details about the MVP Rewards Card.

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