P14.99 BPI/MS Personal Accident Insurance – 365 Day Coverage

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An affordable accident insurance with a one-time payment of 14.99 pesos – here comes one of the best offer from BPI where you can avail a Personal Accident Insurance with a 1 year coverage.

This promo runs until December 31, 2019.

Benefits from BPI/MS Personal Accident Insurance.

“For only P14.99, you are assured of worldwide coverage 24 hours a day, 365 a year with BPI/MS Personal Accident Insurance.”

  • P50,000 Death Benefit of in case of death due to an accident
  • Permanent Disablement Benefit up to P50,000
  • Burial Expense up to P5,000 in case of accidental death

The insurance shall be in effect for 1 year starting on the date of the purchase.

Requirements to avail 14.99 BPI Accident Insurance?

  1. Should be an existing BPI account holder.
  2. An active BPI ATM card with a remaining balance not less than 14.99. No cash needed.
  3. Age limit is 16 – 65 years old.

How to avail 14.99 BPI Personal Accident Insurance?

  1. Go to your nearest BPI branch and present your BPI Debit Card to avail of the ‘14.99 Personal Accident Insurance’.
  2. Complete the form and submit it to the bank officer.
  3. On the card terminal, key in the amount of P14.99 and enter your PIN. Wait for your receipt and Confirmation of Cover.
There you have it!

It is very easy and convenient to open an account, no hidden charges, no multiple forms to sign, no medical check up.

Of couse, there are other important details that you need to know beforehand when getting an insurance (examples are claiming process, exclusion, etc).

See below for more information and reference.

How can I claim the BPI Insurance Benefits?

In the event that you need to claim your insurance benefit, a written notice of injury must be given to the insurance company within 30 days after the date of accident causing such injury.

If it is an accidental death, immediate notice must be given to the insurance company.

Here is BPI cliams phone number: 840-9556/840-9160 and email: [email protected]

BPI/MS Personal Accident Insurance Exclusion.

There are notable exclusions in this personal accident insurance.

BPI can disapprove the claim if the death or accident happened through suicide, murder, riots, war, military activities, hazardous sports, hunting or performing any unlawful act.

See image below for a full list of exclusion.

BPI Personal Accident Insurance Hotline.

If you are interested in checking out the complete PA Master Policy terms and conditions, you may go to their website www.bpims.com or visit any BPI/MS branch and inquire about it.

For further inquiries, please contact BPI/MS Personal Accident Insurance hotline: 840-9000.


What are yor thoughts? Do you like the promo offered by BPI?

For the price and benefits being offered, you can’t go wrong in ensuring your loved ones are protected just in case something happens to you.

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