Lazada Refund: How to Return Fake or Wrong Item to Lazada?

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Are you also a Lazada customer that had or is currently having an issue with them?

You might be searching online on what you need to do?

Or maybe, you are just curious about how Lazada’s customer experience would be?

Well, I will detail here the issues I had with Lazada and how they refunded my money.

I will also provide a review about my experience.

I hope this review can provide help to you. 🙂

Does Online Store like Lazada offer Cheaper Price?

Many Filipinos now prefer buying products online than from physical stores.

Aside from the convenience, you can also score cheaper price especially during promo seasons.

An example of such online store is Lazada.

Aside from Lazada’s competitive price on the market, they also provide vouchers and discounts that will bring the price further down.

Though this is the common connotation, it may not be true on all of their products – I already saw some items that were more pricey in Lazada as compared to actual stores that we are used to.

This is the reason why you need to canvass first if you are really planning to buy an item especially for highly valued items… just like what I did. ?

Few months ago, I  bought Samsung Evo SD and Sandisk Extreme SD card.

These types of SD cards are hard to find since most stores in malls only offer Sandisk Ultra.

When I found one store that has the Sandisk Extreme, I was shocked with the price.

It was around 4,000 pesos.

It was too much and this led me to check other options such as Lazada.

True enough, it only costs 2,888 pesos (most probably, it would be cheaper by the time you would be reading this).

I purchased it and I was satisfied.

I got an authentic item that is fully functioning which I’ve been using for several times now and it never failed to deliver.

This was my first purchase which eventually led me to be a frequent Lazada customer.

Lazada Philippine Sale – Lazada 1111.

I really needed to buy another 128GB Samsung EVO plus SD Card for my camera which was the reason why I was looking forward to this event.

During the sale, I expected that there were a lot of discounted items and vouchers from Lazada and its resellers.

I joined the bandwagon and purchased the products I wanted.

I purchased the SD card which costs 1,388 pesos and took advantage of using  the Lazada wallet.

On top of the reseller’s voucher, I also got an additional 20% discount on my purchase because of using the Lazada wallet.

However, after few days I received an email from Lazada that the seller cannot fulfill the request.

No other reason was provided, not sure if it was out of stock or what.

Lazada was kind enough to issue me another voucher. Love it! 🙂

Good thing though there was another Lazada Sale.

The Lazada 1212 Nationwide Sale…

I bought the item again but this time from another reseller which i haven’t transacted before.

Unfortunately, it was with this next merchant that I would encounter several real issues when buying from online sellers. 🙁

Issues with Lazada.

When buying stuff, most people would want to see and check the items physically first before proceeding with the purchase.

In clothing, we even wear it to see if it fits our figure.

But when you are buying stuff online, it will be a matter of ‘Expectation VS Reality’.

Some sellers might over promise when they are selling their product online.

Much worse, if the product delivered to you is not working (specially for electronic items) or is a counterfeit one. 🙁

You might already heard or read several online purchase stories / issues posted and circulated online.

Like someone who ordered a phone but when he opened the box that was delivered, it contained stones – the heck!

Another customer experienced receiving a wrong size or color of the product that she bought.

There are a lot more of  this similar frustrating incidents if you will just search it online…

Putting this in mind, it became a practice to me that every time Lazada delivers an item, I will open it while the delivery man is witnessing me unboxing it.

But I think that would not be enough so instead of asking the delivery man to stay, which is time consuming for him I suppose, I would opt to just take a video while unboxing the item.

So just in case, the same incident happened to me, I have a video that will support my complaint.

Lazada Issue: I received a Wrong and a Fake item at the same time.

Going back to my purchase, I decided to search for another seller and this time I found an SD card that is way cheaper than my previous attempt.

It only costs PHP 799. I bought 2 since it was really cheap.

I know that if it was too good to be true – do not trust it / do not buy it.

Unfortunately, I did not adhere to this thinking.

In my mind, I justified the low item price with the ongoing lazada-wide sale.

I also checked the existing reviews and a lot of their previous buyers said the SD card was authentic.

I went ahead and purchased it using my credit card.

The price further went down to Php 729 by using some Lazada voucher codes I was able to get.

After few days, the item was delivered.

I decided to unbox it the next day since I was really tired when I received the item.

The next day…

To my surprise – I got a wrong item.

I want to call Lazada right away but I decided to double check my order first.

So I opened my Lazada app and from there, I confirmed that I purchased 2 Samsung Evo Plus Micro SD card but I received 1 Samsung Evo and 1 Kingston SD Card. Unbelievable!

Why did they give me a Kingston SD card?

Did they do it intentionally? Or it is a simple mistake from the seller when they packed the item?

I also got mad at myself since I thought I was recording the entire item unboxing but to my dismay, I did not hit the record button on my phone.

OMG! Sa lahat naman ng pagkakataon, bakit ngayon pa!

To make the story worse, the other Samsung Evo brand SD card was fake!

I readily assumed that it was a fake SD card since I have an original one.

When I placed them side by side, you will notice right away their differences. 

The font or how the number 8 was printed was not the same.

The 8 in the fake SD card was thinner compared to the original.

I did not remove the seal and neither test it on my phone as I am afraid they would not return my money.

I just knew that it was fake by physically looking at it.

Product Reviews may Mislead You. Check other Information.

How come they have a lot of positive reviews?

I am wondering how come they have good product reviews saying that their items are legit where in fact I got a fake one.

I went to their page in Lazada to checked further.

I noticed that there is a seller’s rating in Lazada.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this before.

I should have checked this too aside from the product review.

They had a low 39% positive rating when I checked them (46% as I am writing this post).

This means that some customers experienced issues too and gave them low unsatisfied ratings.

Then I checked their entire product page.

I found out that they also sell 64GB SD card.

To my surprise, the 64GB was more expensive than their 128GB!

If only I noticed this before, I did not proceeded in purchasing any item from this seller.

Are they selling original 64GB SD cards but fake 128GB SD cards? I no longer care. I just wanted a refund.

The fact that I already wasted my time, I don’t want to also waste my money too. Huhu.

Lesson learned:

  • Aside from product reviews, also check the seller’s rating.
  • Check if the product reviews that you are reading are for the product that you will buy. I noticed that the seller has the same page for their 64GB and 128GB so possibly the product reviews that I read was for their 64GB SD cards, who knows! 🙁
  • Lazada product pages also enables you to post a question. use this to your advantage.
  • Think twice or thrice when doing an online purchase. if it is too good to be true, most likely it is!

It is not hard to return an item to Lazada.

So, I need to return the item first before Lazada could issue a refund.

At first, I thought that it would be hard but the process provided by Lazada was easy to follow.

Before you return an item, make sure that you are still allowed to return the product or you are still within their timeframe.

How to check if you can still return the item – 7 days return policy.

Check the Return & Warranty section of the product page – you will see there the time window allowed for you to return the item.

The counting of days will start from the day the item was delivered.

Normally it is set to 7 days but there are other products with 14 days or more.

It may vary for every product so always check this portion.

Another clue that you can still return an item to Lazada is if you are seeing the ‘Return’ button under the product you ordered.

The Return button is only visible during the allowed days to return the product.

Another lesson learned:

  • Check your purchased item right away once you receive it to ensure that you are within the Lazada Return Days Policy just in case you need to return it back.

How to Return an Item to Lazada and Request a Refund?

Here are the steps I followed to return the item.

I can’t find an instruction online about the process on dropping an item to 711 – so I am listing it here too.

How to complete Lazada Online Return Form?

  1. While on computer (laptop or desktop), login to your Lazada account. If you do not have an account, sign up using the email address you used when you purchased the item from Lazada.
  2. Click ‘My Orders’
  3. Find the product you want to return and click ‘Manage’
  4. Click the ‘Return’ button
  5. Fill up the Online Return form detailing the issue.
  6. Check your email and download the questionnaire sent by Lazada. 
  7. Print the Return label, if not possible, you can write it to the package.
  8. Pack the item well, return all the items including the box or case and the freebies.
  9. Attach the printed return label to the package or write down legibly the Return Number, make sure it is not erasable.
  10. Drop the item to 711.

Sample Lazada Questionnaire Form.

This is like a survey form. Answering this is quick to do and very straightforward.

Sample Lazada Return Request Form.

In this image, you’ll notice that I already attached the form to the packed item.

How to drop items to 711 when Returning Product to Lazada?

It should have been easy if I knew the process.

It seems that not all 711 stores and staff are familiar to the process.

Some do not have the kiosk where you need to process it first.

While some stores have kiosk but the cashiers do not know the correct process.

I had to visit 4 stores to know how to do it correctly and I am listing it here how.

  1. Go to this kiosk, (I just call it kiosk, I am not sure how this is called)
  2. Choose Cliqq and choose Lazada
  3. Scan the item / Enter the RN code
  4. Wait for the receipt and head to counter.
  5. They will scan your receipt and accept your item.

7 Eleven Return Tracking Sample:

Here’s the receipt I got from kiosk which has the return tracking number.

Lazada Drop Off Locations in Philippines – 711 Branches.

Make sure that the 711 branch has an online kiosk like this.

Or you may check for the branches here.

From my experience in the first attempt I made, they knew how the returning of Lazada item works but they told me that their kiosk was not online.

So I looked for another 711 branch, the 2nd store did not have a kiosk at all.

The 3rd 711 store had an online kiosk but I felt that they did not know the process. If they don’t know the process it – I can’t trust my item with them.

The 4th store made my day. The staff knew right away what to do and he took care of my item. 

What happened after I dropped the item to 711?

As soon as I got home, I received an email from Lazada confirming that 711 accepted it and the status on my Lazada app changed. The item was in ‘Shipped’ status.

After few days, I received another email from Lazada confirming they will issue a refund

How did I Receive my Refund from Lazada?

Since I purchased the item using my credit card, Lazada refunded the money to my credit card.

After few days, I called my issuing bank and they confirmed that the money was credited back to my account.

Basically, I just returned the item properly to Lazada. I followed the process correctly, which I narrated earlier.

After few days of waiting, I finally received the refund.

Cases or Issues which Lazada can Issue a Refund?

Change of mind is not a valid reason when returning items to Lazada. There has to be an issue or a valid reason why you are returning the item.

I listed below the cases where Lazada can issue a refund.

  • Damaged item – if the item you received is with visible damage such as broken pieces, torn packaging, etc.
  • Defective item – if the item you received (ex. Electronic items) you received is not working properly
  • Item is not as advertised– if the item you received does not match website description, this includes the color, image, style, specs, etc.
  • Wrong item delivered– if the item you received is an incorrect product. This should be in shield condition unless the item cannot be identified whilst still contained in original packaging.
  • Missing accessories or freebies– if the item you received has missing part/s, accessories or freebies as advertised on product page.
  • Wrong size – this is only applicable on foot wear and apparel but not applicable to items shipped from abroad.
  • Fake items – if you suspect that the item is counterfeit.

Also, follow their ‘Return Day Policy’ and ‘Return Item Policy’.

My Personal Review on Lazada.

As much as Lazada wants all transaction to be perfect, do not have any issues or does not have any bad customer experience – things like this happen.

But what they could do is to ensure that there is a consumer protection or plan in place in order to address these issues when it happens.

Fortunately, based from my experience, they are well prepared for these events. 

Lazada prepared a step by step process that we can all follow.

This was my first time to receive a wrong item and I was honestly surprised that I didn’t have to call and wait on queue just to jump start my refund process.

I just checked the resources available online, followed it and after few days I received the refund.

Good job to them.

Though, I just hope that they will further intensify their filtering and monitoring of  all sellers in their platform.

TIPS: Summary of Lessons I Learned from Lazada Issue.

  • Aside from product review, check the seller’s rating.
  • Check if the product reviews you are reading are for the product you are planning to buy.
  • Post a question in the product page if something is unclear on the product description.
  • Think twice or thrice if it is too good to be true, most likely it is!
  • Check your purchased item right away once you receive it, just in case you need to return it, you will still be within the Lazada Return Days Policy.
  • It is better to record yourself while unboxing the item.

Lazada Contact Information.

  • Website:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone Number: (02) 795 8900

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