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We realized that it became a goal for us to maximize our savings and minimize our expenses. Every chance we had, we looked for financial tips and ideas and we have been doing this for years now:

  • Constantly looking for promos and value for your money
  • Looking for financial tips and incentives
  • Searching for legitimate investment vehicle
  • Uncovering business ideas

We thought of a scenario where you can access all these information conveniently in one place.

And this gave birth to INVESTLIBRARY.

We know that it can be hard and time consuming to search and look to different places. Time is an investment and chances shouldn’t be wasted. These are the reasons why we are doing our best to collect financial tips and ideas that will benefit us all.

We need your help too. If you know tips, promos, investment and business ideas please email us at [email protected] and let’s talk about it. If it is not fake news or a scam, we will post it so everyone can be informed too. Please understand that we want to keep our posts as valuable as it must be.

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