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If you are like us, who are always on the lookout for passive income opportunities, you should not miss out checking on DV Boer Farm Paiwi Program Partner – The People’s Farm.

But before we go to the details of what Paiwi Program is, let us first get to know them.

What is DV Boer?

DVBoer Farm Corporation is an SEC registered company that started their operation on October 2014 with a mission:

To provide complete profitable services to farmers, get communities involved in the process and access ready available resources.

Sourced from their official website
Sourced from their official website
Aside from this, they are also committed in the following (taken from their website):

  • To acquire breeders with superior genetic traits and have it ready available and accessible to goat farmers.
  • To employ highly qualified personnel that can assist our collaborators to ensure the success of their goat business venture.
  • To implement excellent logistic system to be able to reach as many farmers as possible. We will enable career growth of our people so that they may achieve their personal goals as well.
  • To continuously provide marketing opportunities to all our collaborators for the improvement of goat meat and milk products.
  • To enable the use of modern information technology and enhance farm process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To ensure that our collaborators will receive adequate education and training for the rapid progress of the industry.
  • To ensure that farm processes and practices are align with business budget to be competitive in the world market.
Sourced from their official website
The DVBoer Farm Corp 11 hectare main farm is located in Balibago Lian, Batangas.

The farm breeds full-blood goats directly imported from Australia.

Their herd are not dependent on commercial feeds as the farm is filled with fresh grasses, legumes and other forages.

On their official website, they have the following as their core values: creativity, visionary, passion, diligence and with commitment in the center.

Sourced from their official website
With an advocacy of educating and assisting small farmers in goat raising, DVBoer Farm helps beginners through their Goat Business Program.

They also created the Pa-iwi System – a project where agri-business enthusiasts can invest their money to livestock farming.

As the Pa-iwi program gained traction, they needed more farm lands for the livestock raising and breeding.

This paved the way for their satellite or sub-farm program where other agriculture entrepreneurs that have farm lands and are willing to learn livestock farming can coordinate with them.

Sourced from their official website

Why Goat Farming in the Philippines?

In a facebook webinar conducted by Dex Villamin, he raised a valid point that goat raising is something that is being ignored here in the Philippines even though it has a great potential.

He also gave these advantages of goat farming:

Easy management.

He explained in the webinar that goats are not that hard and meticulous to raise.

They are not very picky in their food consumption which is a plus factor especially if you compare them with other livestock farming where you also need to be careful of what they eat.


Goats can be very profitable. Unlike common practices that goats are only for special occasions, if you turn it into a career, you can gain profit from them on a regular basis.

Goats are also considered as the poor man’s cow as they are relatively cheaper to buy and raise.

Furthermore, goats have shorter turnover period than cow.

Healthiest red meat available.

As you can see in the table below from USDA National Nutrient Database Standard Reference, goat meat aced most of the categories except for one (though it is second best).

Goat meat has the lowest calories, fat, saturated fat and cholesterol while it is second in protein among the other livestock meat types.

He also said that the stereotype of goat meat having a not so pleasant smell and after taste is not true.

It all depends on the food intake of the goat (preferably natural fresh grass) and if it is properly taken care of.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

Healthiest milk available second to our mothers milk.

The table below shows the nutritional facts comparing human, goat and cow’s milk.

It is important to note that goat’s milk has higher calcium composition which is good for those who have calcium deficiency.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

Goats are very adaptable animals.

They can survive harsh weather conditions – even if it is extremely cold or extremely hot, they’ll be able to survive.

For those seasons where there are fewer food sources, they can survive with minimal diet.

Goats are cheaper to maintain.

They do not need large overhead cost as compared with other livestock farming where costs on feeds and energy consumption can be very expensive.

The best way to understand this is to compare it with other livestock like pigs.

Swine raising is more expensive compared to goat farming especially with the cost of feeds and energy.

Most sources of quality feeds from farms nowadays are already consigned to big corporations that are into swine raising.

They somewhat hold a monopoly on it which makes it harder for small time business owners to penetrate.

Comparing it with goat farming, goats do not need feeds as they feed on grass and with an agricultural country like the Philippines, sourcing grass will not be a problem.

When it comes to energy cost, swine raising is still more expensive compared to goats.

Top swine raisers even have air-conditioning units for their pigs to ensure higher quality of meat.

Goats on the other hand do not need those.

Goats suffer from fewer ailments compared to other animals.

Other livestock have far more ailments or diseases to combat from especially chicken and pigs.

Some diseases even need to have all of your livestock killed or relocated if needed.

Goats do not have those type of ailments or diseases.

Goats give more production per unit of investment.

Due to the fact that goats are cheaper to maintain and have a fewer chances of getting sick, investing in goat provides greater profit margin.

Goat meat has no religious taboo and is relished by all sectors of society.

All religious sectors do not have any restrictions on eating goat meat.

Goat hide is used to make leather products.

Goat hide can be used to create leather shoes, belts, wallets, etc.

Dex plans in the future to supply leather hide to manufacturers especially in the Philippines to revive our local industry and make them competitive.

Goat hair is used to make rags and rope.

Aside from leather products that can be made from goat’s hide, the goat’s hair can also be used to create rags and rope.

Goats manure is 2.5 times richer in nitrogen and phosphoric acid than cows manure.

Considered as one of the best organic fertilizers, goats manure are also being bought for 40 pesos/sack.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

Goat Management

Dex also discussed the basic needs of goats and how their farm addresses them.

Goat House

Here is an illustration of their goat farm house which was designed by architect Rhoel Narvaez and Dr. Rey Bello to be suitable to the Philippines agriculture environment.

The goat farm house capacity is 300 native goat heads.

Key element of the goat house is that it has a roof to shield the goats from rain and keeping them from being wet.

Another consideration in a goat house is that it should be elevated 1 to 1.5 meters from the ground.

This is to refrain the goat from inhaling their own manure as this can give them respiratory diseases.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

Goat Food

Of course, goat need food. Here are some types: Pakchong (hybrid Napier), Rensoni, Madre de Agua, Napier, Indigofera, Feed concentrate

Pakchong or hybrid Napier is developed in Thailand and has high protein content which is excellent for goats.

Goats also consume on legumes like Rensoni.

Feeds are also used with goats but mainly for nursing goats to increase the milk that they can provide.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

DVBoer Contact Information

If you are interested in reaching out to them, you can use these contact details below:

Website: dvboerfarm.com

Facebook: facebook.com/dvboerfarm

Email: dv@dvboerfarm.com

Telephone Number: (02) 475 5011 / (02) 637 6118 (Monday-Friday, 10AM-7PM Manila Time)

Mobile Number: 0915 292 6511 / 0927 870 2075 / 0927 870 2074


DVBoer Farm International Corp

Suite 504, 5th floor The Linden Suites

37 San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Sales and Marketing

3101C East Tower, Tektite Twin Tower Condominium, Ortigas, Pasig City


Dexter Villamin – The Man Behind DV farm

We would make an assumption that the “DV” on the company name stands for Dexter Villamin, the man behind the successful farm.

On the narrative about the founder on their website, Soliman Alaer Villamin Jr used to work as a Pastry Chef in a 5 star hotel in Manila.

He took the opportunity to work abroad and be an OFW as an Executive Pastry Chef in Centara Grand Hotel and Resort located in Bangkok, Thailand.

As an executive pastry chef, he handled all the bakery and pastry requirements of the hotel.

They also used to supply to 21 other establishments in Thailand.

He also became a sales manager in a pastry importation business then finally establishing his own food business in Thailand.

With the eagerness to learn more, he attended food seminars and exhibits in Europe about agricultural food products.

He then realized that there are untapped opportunities here in the Philippines especially in the agriculture sector.

Equipped with his years of experience and agriculture-related knowledge, he decided to come home to the Philippines for good.

Thus, DVBoer Farm was born.


What is the Paiwi Program?

In line with their mission to provide services to farmers and get various communities involved, they created the Paiwi Program.

The Paiwi program helped in increasing the needed cash flow to turn their venture into a large scale farming system.

The Paiwi Program also created a venue where people who have great interest and love for farming be involve with it even though they do not have the needed farm land or space for it yet.

Pa-iwi (also known as pa-alaga) has always been around – especially popular in farming communities.

The idea behind it is that a person who has the money to buy the necessary requirements needed to raise or breed the livestock partners with a farm owner who has the necessary space and time to raise and feed the livestock.

When harvest time comes, they can either sell the livestock or slaughter it and take profit depending on what was agreed upon initially.


News and Events

DVBoer and Batangas Local Meat Dealers Dispute

Unfortunately, not all of their operation did run smooth.

In the second half of 2017, several local meat dealers in Barangay Prenza in Lian, Batangas (where their main farm is located) raised their concern in the form of a petition to Mayor Isagani Bolompo to close the market being operated by DVBoer.

The local meat dealers accused them of unfair competition as they are selling their meat in a much lower price which really affected their income.

Both parties had a dialogue with the Mayor where Dexter Villamin explained that they are able to sell lower prices of meat products since they have a lower operating cost.

This was due to the fact that the animals are being raised and taken care of by the community members that do not have jobs but are really interested in farming within the neighborhood.

Aside from this, DVBoer also helps the community by providing the needed capital for their livestock farming through their micro finance arm.

The dialogue resulted in an agreement to withdraw the local meat dealer’s petition and settle their dispute with the farm.

DV also offered the same assistance that they provide to the community and extend them to the local meat dealers so that they can also raise their own meat livestock.

DVBoer battles with Cybercrime Offenders

They also had issues that made them take legal action.

There were some goat raisers and naysayers that issued libelous statements in social media in order to discredit the company.

The libelous statements were targeted to the their Paiwi program.

In order to clear their name, they took legal action which eventually lead to the warrant of arrest issuance from the Regional Trial Court National Capital Judicial Region Quezon City Branch 93 by Judge Arthur Malabaguio.

The warrant of arrest was issued in relation to Republic Act 10175 or the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Each of the accused were allowed bail for 16,000.


SEC Advisory on DV Boer Farm Corporation (Issued April 30, 2019)

The Securities and Exchange Commission issued an advisory on DVBoer Paiwi Program last April 30, 2019 (See image below).

The SEC advisory is also present in their website Advisory section.

In response to the SEC Advisory last April 30, 2019, they issued their official statement:

Our official statement in regards to SEC ADVISORY dated April 30, 2019

To all concerned,

The Philippines securities and exchange commission (SEC) has issued a public advisory concerning DVBOER FARM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION and its PA-IWI PROGRAM thru a complaint filed by an unknown instigator evidently to cause damage to our credibility. The SEC advisory dated April 30, 2019, tells about DVBOER FARM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION allegedly selling “SECURITIES” in the form of our PA-IWI PROGRAMS and lacking “SECONDARY LICENSE” in the process. This advisory was first raised by SEC thru an inquiry made by a certain person named “Cliff” in 2017 where DVBOER FARM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION has answered thru a letter received by SEC attached in this post.

To clarify with the SEC the old new advisory , our legal counsels headed by Atty. Argel Cabatbat went to their office and met with the lawyers of Enforcement and Investor Protection Department of SEC. and was informed of the following;

1. That the advisory was done on “motu-proprio” issued by the committee on their own accord without actually giving DVBOER FARM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION a chance to present evidence or be notified of the complaint prior to the issuance of the advisory.

2. That this type of public advisory is normal practice whenever complaints are received by the SEC.

3. That the complaints and complainant remains confidential.

4. That the SEC posting is “merely” an advice and is not yet a determination of the liabilities of any parties.

To put a solution in connection with the SEC advisory, our legal counsel has filed a motion to lift advisory and will soon seek a SEC Ruling to put to rest all questions regarding DVBOER FARM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION.

Below is our response on the SEC ADVISORY ISSUED in 2017


Be it publicly known that DVBoer Farm Corporation is not in any way engaged in any form of investment taking activities. Likewise, the corporation is not engaged in the issuance of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, proprietary/non-proprietary shares or membership certificates, time shares and registered but unlisted equity securities. Secondary license is required to perform the latter functions which DVBoer Farm Corporation is not keen on securing at this point in time even if most of them are included in our secondary purpose as stipulated in our company’s SEC registration (see attachment photos).

Our main business practice is to propagate profitable livestock raising program or what we termed as the “PAIWI System”. We sell livestock to agri-business enthusiasts who, not having their own farm, are willing to have their own livestock be reared and reproduced at DVBoer Farm with the necessary facilities, manpower and technical expertise that ensures successful breeding program. We are compensated for our services and we have the exclusive right to buy their livestock and their offspring in an agreed upon price within predetermined period of time.

In order to fast track the propagation of our “PAIWI System” of massive livestock raising, we have encouraged the participation of agribusiness landowners nationwide whose idle lands have been converted into DVBoer sub-farms and have since replicated what DVBoer Farm has been doing (the “PAIWI System”). In the process, we are compensated in terms of sub-farm accreditation (to replicate our agribusiness concept of operation) and also for the management, marketing and technical expertise we have been extending to our accredited sub-farms.

Our livestock raising program is in line with the country’s effort towards agricultural development. It is intended to raise the quality and quantity of our livestock inventory, generate mass employment and in the process contribute to poverty alleviation and food security.

President, DVBoer Farm Corporation

SEC Advisory Lifted (Posted February 1, 2020)

The Securities and Exchange Commission now has released a document through their website which officially lifts the SEC advisory that was issued last April 30, 2019.

It has deemed the SEC advisory as settled without any determination of fault or guilt on the part of DV Boer.

It included what transpired and conditions that needs to be met.

Here are some key points and timeline in the uploaded document:

  • April 30, 2019: SEC Advisory stating that DV Boer is not authorized to offer and solicit investment contracts such as the Paiwi Program.
  • DV Boer filed a Petition to Lift the Advisory.
  • Commission En Banc discussed and deliberated the issue. They imposed a penalty fine of 6.03 Million and authorized the Enforcement and Investor Protection Department (EIPD) to lift the SEC Advisory provided the following conditions will be met by DV Boer:
    1. payment of 6.03 Million pesos penalty
    2. full compliance with the licensing and registration requirement of the Paiwi Program.
    3. DV Boer should stop offering, soliciting and selling for public sale securities such as the Paiwi program until proper approval is given in relation to its registration statement. 
  • November 8, 2019: Commission Enc Banc Resolution was communicated to DV Boer.
  • December 4, 2019: DV Boer filed a Settlement offer and Request for Reduction of Administrative penalties. 
  • January 16, 2020: EIPD denied the settlement offer.
  • January 20, 2020: DV Boer filed another settlement offer this time suggesting to lower the fine to 3.015 Million pesos. 
  • January 23, 2020: the Commission resolved to grant of the last Settlement offer by DV Boer and also agreed to lift the SEC advisory provided that:
    1. DV Boer stops offering, soliciting and selling for public sale securities such as the Paiwi program until proper approval is given in relation to its registration statement.
    2. DV Boer allows its farms to be open for inspection for a period of a least three months.
  • January 31, 2020: DV Boer paid the initial amount of 300,000 pesos and submitted a Manifestation and Compliance with an Affidavit of Undertaking.

DV Boer Sub Farms and Independent Farms

DV Boer has a network of sub farms.

We initially had a list of sub farms here in the website but it was hard to maintain as the list changes quite often.

If you need a complete list, I would suggest contacting DV Boer directly.


Unfortunately, with the recent challenges that the company is facing, some of the sub farms decided to go independent.

Here is a list of sub farms that went independent as of January 24, 2020 (this is taken from the DV Boer Facebook page. see the image below):

  1. Farmcradle International Inc.
  2. Farmer Juan Ranch
  3. Herd and Plough Farm (Bukid ni Tatay)
  4. North Winds Farm
  5. Samantha Red Ranch Inc.
  6. Almeo Family Farm
  7. Team Dagui Family Farm
  8. Garma’s Heart and Soil Farm
  9. 7th Haven Farm
  10. Nueva Central Ranch
  11. E and S Mountainside Farmtrail
  12. Morfe El Grande Farm
  13. Farmshare Prime
  14. Santino’s Farm Ville
  15. Caraocele Farm 
  16. Amherst (Ranger Guimaras)
  17. Golden Ranch Farm
  18. MDT Goat Park Resort
  19. Don Chicos Nature Farm
  20. El Prado Verde Farm
  21. Dream Farm Victories
  22. Matt N Kayla Family Farm
  23. Batangas Kibbutz
  24. Anaiah Splendid
  25. Minlan Ranch Corporation

Personal Experience as a Paiwi Partner

If you are interested to know our own personal experience as a paiwi partner, check out our blog post about it.

Be sure to check it out as we detailed every step of the way. 🙂

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