DV Boer Farm Review: Earn Passive Income as a Paiwi Program Partner

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In this DV Boer farm review, we will narrate to you our own personal experience as a Paiwi Partner.

If you are hearing this for the first time, be sure to check out our previous post about DV Boer and the man behind it – Dexter Villamin.

With that said, hope that our experience will be  helpful to you. 🙂

We joined the Paiwi program 2 years ago (at the time this was written).

We were very fortunate to be part of the first few batches of their program.

The risk was very high at that time as there were no testimonials on social media or anyone else that already had experience with them.

Yes, there were some people who already joined prior to us but it was still very early for them to tell if this was a legit or scam farm partner program venture.

Furthermore, to add to the risk, we also later learned that Dex or DVBoer was just more than a year in goat raising at that time.

We first heard about them from a Facebook webinar which made us become curious about it.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

As a fan of agrifarm, this type of partnership really peaked our interest.

Though before deciding to join them, we had to do some research first.

We started by messaging some people that are affiliated with them.

We wanted to check the consistency on what was presented to us during the webinar and if it would match to their responses.

This might not be the best option as they could easily connive to make their scheme more realistic.

Unfortunately, with the limited testimonials or reviews from other people who already joined the program, we had no choice.

We also checked their online profiles if we can see any indication that they are really into goat farming for the longest time.

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

Trusting our crude research and gut feel, we decided to take the risk and joined Paiwi Partner Program.

I’ll show you our journey, the steps that we took and things we encountered along the way.

Though take note that they might already have a different process in taking in new paiwi partners as this was two years ago.

Signing of Contract

Most of our communication was through Facebook messenger.

When we were already decided to join the Paiwi program, they sent us a blank copy of the contract.

We were then asked to mail the original copy back to them as they need the original copy with the actual signature for notarization.

Take note that it’s through snail mail not email.


Payment for the Paiwi Program

Prior to the sending of the signed contract, we have to pay for the down payment first.

You have to pay 50% upon confirmation, then 25% after 30 days and the remaining 25% after 60 days.

The fun part when we were about to pay for the 50% down payment was that they will be implementing a price increase!

But since we already had an agreement few days before, we were allowed to pay the original price.

This was the package that we availed which amounted to 165,000 since it included insurance fees:

Sourced from their Facebook webinar.

Notarized Contract: The Waiting Game Starts!

We were able to ship the signed contract by April 11, 2016 complete with all the needed requirements.

The courier service told us that it would take 3 to 4 days to reach the destination.

Unfortunately, it took almost 3 weeks before they were able to acknowledge that they received the signed contract.

You can imagine our anxiety and uneasiness were very high during those time!

We were now told that the signed contracts are now scheduled for notarization.

The waiting game continues…

Finally, after almost 3 weeks again, they sent us the scanned copy of our notarized contract and the scanned copy of the acknowledgement receipt for the down payment.

At least at this point, we were somewhat at ease since we are now seeing some proof that this paiwi program partnership is legit.

Although, we still have to wait as the next step was to schedule us for the sending of the contract’s hard copy.

It was already time to send the next 25% participation payment.

For convenience, we opted to send it via BPI online transfer.

Fortunately, they are able to accommodate it. 🙂

June came and the contract hard copy was nowhere to be found… so we followed up with them.

We also had a new coordinator.

It took another month for the contract hard copy to finally arrive.

Goat Reporting

We had our first glimpse of our goats when they sent us pictures by November 2016 through Facebook messenger.

They actually look amazing. 😀

Paiwi Partner Updating of Information

DVBoer had numerous attempts to properly consolidate their paiwi partner data.

Hopefully, they are already successful with it right now.

They first asked us to send the details via messenger.

Then, they asked us to fill up a form with the same details…

This is how the form looks like:

Finally, they created their login portal website and had us add our details there.

Paiwi Online Payouts

During their presentation, they showed us their payout scheme which were during the 4th month, 11th month, 18th month and after 24 months.

Unfortunately, our experience with payouts were not that smooth.

We were able to do our down payment and succeeding pays on the following months:

1st pay (April 2016): Php 82,500

2nd pay (May 2016): Php 41,250

3rd pay (June 2016): Php 41,250

TOTAL CAPITAL: Php 165,000

On the other hand, the first payout occurred after 9 months… 🙁

First Payout (March 2017): Php 81,000

Second Payout (November 2017): Php 121,500

Third Payout (July 2018): Php 135,000

Fourth Payout (March 2019): Php 121,500

Salvage Amount (April 2019): Php 150,000


TOTAL PROFIT: Php 444,000 



So this is so far our DVBoer Farm Paiwi program experience!

Yes there were some waiting time that happened initially but it didn’t outweigh the fact that joining the paiwi program was indeed worth it.

We do not have any regrets in joining the Paiwi program as we were able to get back our capital plus profit and we still have remaining payouts for our paiwi program which we are still looking forward for it (Update: We already received all the remaining payouts including the salvage amount). 🙂

Are you an existing DVBoer Paiwi Program Partner?

May be you are an accredited sub-farm?

Help those that are checking out DVBoer by sharing your experiences in the comments below.

Sharing is caring! 🙂

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